About me

Hello, my name is Hugo, aka Gopal Sound. I’m a musician and music producer.

I started music when I was a teenager, by playing acoustic and electric guitar. After different experiences as a guitarist in rock and pop bands, I decided to explore the sphere of electronic music, by composing on software and synthesizer. At the same time, I fell in love with the piano that I’ve practiced as an autodidact for 10 years now.

My influences are eclectic. From listening to Nirvana’s records, to the Bach Matthew's Passion or the Miles Davis Kind of Blue, I’ve always been amazed by music throughout its infinite forms. Nowadays, classical music, techno and ambient are my main sources of inspiration.

I built my musical path as an autodidact, but I completed it with a guitar training at the Music school ATLA, and a Master degree in music informatics.

Throughout theses experiences, I would like now to propose my services as a composer and sound designer for all those who want to give quality to their projects.
See you soon for a collaboration.