Composer &
Sound Designer

Hello, and welcome on my website.
I'm Gopal Sound, composer and sound designer.
I’m producing music and sound creations for different audiovisual projects, from smartphone applications to animated movies. I’m also making production music in several styles (electro, corporate, chill out, hip hop) for different editors and music publishers.  
If you want to provide to your project more consistence and authenticity, music and sound design will bring you a powerful and necessary support.  Please find below some previews of my work.
If you are interested in a specific mood or texture for a project, I would love to talk about it more deeply.  
See you soon for a future collaboration.

Musique for movies

This section is dedicated to soundtracks for animation movies, ads, documentaries. Soundtrack dimension brings more density to pictures,  and strength to emotions expressed in a movie.

Production Music

Production music, also called library or stock music, is  recorded music, ready to use for broadcasted programs, classified In different moods, styles and themes.

Sound Design

Sound design is the elaboration of simple and complexe sounds or noise,  to create a special atmosphere for an interactive environnement. It is employed in a wide field of domain such as video game, film making, tv production.

Interactive Music

Interactive music appears not to illustrate a story, but to serve the immersive dimension of your project. It is commonly used in videos games  and also in virtual reality animations.